SmaPole S1 All-aluminum Alloy Handheld Telescopic Pole (15.8″to 40.5″) Integrated with Tripod Mount/Nut for GoPro Hero sjcam

SmaPole S1 All-aluminum Alloy Handheld Telescopic Pole Integrated for GoPro Hero

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Product Description

  • Full aluminium-alloy design, lighter and stronger, for lifetime use
  • CNC molded fixed tripod mount with a built-in nut, never mind about losing the nut
  • Secure extendable SmaPole S1 allows quick length adjustments from 15.8″to 40.5″, and it can offer the optimum shooting effect
  • Contents: 1x SmaPole S1; 1x Smatree Wrenchboy; 1x Aluminum Thumbscrew(Blue); 1x Plastic Thumbscrew(Black); 1x Blue Rope; 1x User Guide
  • Light Weight: 6.7ounces. Lifetime quality warranty

SmaPole S1 is made of high quality aluminum-alloy for lighter, stronger and lifetime use. Different from the other plastic top of pole, Smatree® adjustable handheld pole is integrated with a tripod mount that has a CNC molded aluminum-alloy nut, never to worry about losing the nut. Really Convenience!Size: retract to 15.8″, extend to 40.5″.The pole is divided into 3 sections; each section has a fast lock clasp links, adjustable firmness.6.3″ of Sponge coil in the bottom of the pole, it will avoid people’s hands be ground injury, it can control the shooting angle of the camera more easily as well.As the pole bottom is equipped with a blue cord buckle, this can prevent pole falling or losing when you are surfing, or going on high-speed movement.You could also use Smatree aluminum wrench to tighten your screws, whatever Smatree screws or Gopro OEM screws. They can strengthen products to the most stability when you are surfing, racing, parachuting etc.


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